TWAF 2018

The increasingly popular Tewkesbury Winter Ale Festival will be again held at the George Watson Hall on the 1 Feb to the 3 Feb 2018 (Thu-Sat).

This is the 23rd Tewkesbury Winter Ales Festival and will have 80 Winter Ales plus local cider and perry.

We are pleased to announce that this year; we will be hosting the judging of the CAMRA South West Perry final ... the winner will go on to the national final at Reading later in the year. All the finalists will be on sale for you to taste, so see if you agree with our judges.

Open: Thu (Members Only) 7.00pm-11pm Free entry, bring card Fri 11am-11pm Sat 11am-8pm Members with card given beer token at all paid sessions Locally sourced food available at all sessions.

Here is the Beer list that is going to print, any last minute changes will be advised as an addendum slip to the programme on entry to the festival- TWAF 2018 Final Beer list.

Here is the - Cider and Perry List Including the South West Perry finalists.

The result of the Perry Judging was as follows -

1st = McCrindle

2nd = Nempnetts

3rd = Hecks.

Beer of the festival result:

1st - Sarah Hughes Snowflake

2nd - Moor Old Freddy Walker

Joint 3rd - Blue Monkey Chocolate Amaretto Guerilla Stout & Gloucester Brewery Imperial Stout

Sarah Hughes and Moor actually had the same number of 1st place votes - it was one extra 2nd place vote that swung it for Sarah Hughes to win by a 2 point margin (1st place scores 3 points, 2nd 2 and 3rd 1).

There was a total of only 64 votes cast this year compared to 90 last year and 129 in 2016.

Gloucestershire Brewery’s Beer of the festival

1st - Bespoke - Round Robin

2nd- Gloucester Brewery - Imperial Stout

3rd - Uley - Pigor Mortis

Thank you everyone who attended we hope you had a great time, see you next year!!